Kevin Lane

Kevin Lane – Drums / Electronic Percussion / backing vocals.

Kevin got his first set of Drums when he was 13.  His Father enrolled him in Drumming lessons with a 70 year old senior but he soon lost interest with Drum rudiments.  He annoyed his parents and played in the garage for a few years but nothing took off.

Life took an unexpected turn when he and his wife started a coffee and bagel business and entered a float in the Vernon ‘Winter Carnival Parade’.  Kevin noticed that the parade was a great way to promote the business and that the spectators required something more for entertainment.  The following year in 1999, the Bagel Lane band was formed.   Changing the lyrics to great classics like Joan Jetts’ “I Love rock and Roll”, an original version of “I Love Bagel Lane” was born.  The band dressed to perform and Kevin was once again behind the skins.  The business moved forward and friends soon joined the band.  Together they brought Kiss to the stage in 2000 with pyro and flames.

Dan Walker, a long time friend saw the bands’ exploits and offered Kevin the opportunity to join the local hard hitting hair metal band called “The Dirt”.  It was more than a band it was “musical empowerment”. With more that 5 Funtastic shows behind them, The Dirt forges forward to this day.

Listening to Neil Diamond and other classic rock bands nonstop for the past 30years….Kevin developed a passion that bordered on obsession to play this “other” music. In 2010 he answered an internet ad from the newly formed Shawn Lightfoot rock band.  It was a match made in music heaven.

In his spare time, he likes to spend time outdoors, running, wakeboarding and playing with his two daughters……all the while keeping the beat (imagine that).